FAAC B680H Automatic Barrier

FAAC B680H Automatic Barrier
 FAAC B680H Automatic BarrierFAAC B680H Automatic Barrier 
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Model:  FAAC-B680H-L

FAAC B680H 24v hybrid electro-hydraulic automatic barrier.

The FAAC B650H is designed for 4.0 to 8.3 metre beam lengths (large profile - 109mm x 85mm) and opening times of 3.0 to 6.0 seconds with a duty cycle of 100%.

The FAAC Hybrid technology is state of the art for automated systems, it combines all the advantages of a brushless motor and 24V direct voltage with hydraulic technology.

The attractive new design and the availability of the housing in 4 standard colours plus the stainless-steel version, enable the barrier to integrate with any environment.

The B680H has an internal load-bearing structure and an external removable housing. This design gives the system great stability and permits easy replacement of the housing.

All these features make the barrier unique on the market and suitable both for residential applications, where design may be a decisive factor, and for industrial use, where performance is essential.


  • Hybrid electro-hydraulic automatic barrier (brushless motor technology)
  • Unlimited springs for over 2 million continuous use cycles
  • Beams up to 5.3 metres in length
  • Round beam with red reflective stripes
  • Removable housing available in 4 colours or stainless steel
  • Duty cycle 100%
  • High speed (2.3m beam less than 1.5s) with adjustable deceleration
  • Easy-to-program control unit
  • Reverse in the event of obstacle
  • Two integrated loop detectors
  • Master/Slave logics and management (opposing barriers)
  • Anti-vandalism system
  • Compatible with 620 and 640 foundation plates (retrofit)
  • Anti-crush safety via a pair of by-pass valves  
  • Stop on obstruction  
  • External hydraulic emergency manual release with key 
  • Power supply single phase 240V 50Hz
  • No counterweights required
  • Programmable logic board 
  • 1A power supply for additional accessories
  • Housing protection rating IP44
  • Operating temperature range -20 to +55 C
  • Round beam dimensions: 88.5mm x 75mm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 1100 x 279 x 469mm
  • Optional extras: Beam LED Light Strip / Integrated Housing Traffic Light / Bottom Skirts / Top & Bottom Skirts / Beam LED Lights / Beam Signs / Anti-Vandal Valve / Battery Back-Up


Purchasing Information:

1. Please select the colour of the cabinet housing if required, all barrier housings are powder coated with a gloss finish. 

2. Select the length of the beam (large profile 109mm x 85mm).  

(NB. Included in the price is the large beam bracket & spring and red reflective beam stripes).

3. Input the amount of barriers required and 'Add To Basket'.


1. Depending on the model of the barrier, you can have optional extras such as:
       • Beam LED light strip.
       • Beam bottom hanging skirts.
       • Beam top and bottom skirts.
       • Beam supports (required for 5m and over barrier beams and skirted beams).


<br> FAAC B680H (L) Barrier Beam Bracket and Spring </br>
FAAC B680H (L) Barrier Beam Bracket and Spring
<br> FAAC B680H (L) Barrier Beams </br>
FAAC B680H (L) Barrier Beams
<br> FAAC Automatic Barrier Bottom Skirts For Round Beams</br>
FAAC Automatic Barrier Bottom Skirts For Round Beams
<br> FAAC Fixed Beam Support </br>
FAAC Fixed Beam Support
<br> FAAC Adjustable Fixed Beam Support </br>
FAAC Adjustable Fixed Beam Support
<br> FAAC Adjustable Swinging Beam Support (Pogo Stick) </br>
FAAC Adjustable Swinging Beam Support (Pogo Stick)
<br> FAAC HP Hydraulic Oil </br>
FAAC HP Hydraulic Oil
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