FAAC 640 Automatic Barrier

FAAC 640 Automatic Barrier
 FAAC 640 Automatic BarrierFAAC 640 Automatic Barrier 
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Model:  FAAC640

FAAC 640 heavy duty electro-hydraulic automatic barrier.

The FAAC 640 is designed for 4 to 7 metre beam lengths and opening times of 4 to 7 seconds with a duty cycle of 100%.

The whole FAAC 640 range has an anti-crushing hydraulic safety device, a hydraulic lock to hold the barrier open or closed and a triangular manual release key.

The 624 BLD control board has surface mount technology with a 2 digit display and 3 programming buttons. This allows simple setting of the operational parameters and enables the selection of a wide range of logic functions including a customised logic. A standard setting is present for operating a pair of barriers working simultaneously.

Use of cutting-edge materials and treatments, plus tried and tested FAAC technology, all combine to ensure long-life.

The cabinet is arranged to house both the 624 BLD control board, specifically designed for this barrier, and other electronic equipment in the FAAC range.

The control board activates a cooling fan when necessary allowing the barrier to be operated at 100% duty cycle for continuous use.

Our FAAC 640 barrier is supplied with the tension spring as standard.


  • Electro-hydraulic automatic barrier
  • Steel housing with catopheresis treatment
  • Cabinet powder coated RAL 2004 pure orange
  • Beam with red reflective stripes & safety rubber tube
  • Anti-crush safety via a pair of by-pass valves  
  • Stop on obstruction
  • Left or right handed versions
  • External hydraulic emergency manual release with key 
  • Duty cycle standard 100%
  • Power supply single phase 240V 50Hz
  • Speed (4.0 to 7.0 seconds) with adjustable deceleration
  • No counterweights required
  • Programmable logic board 
  • 1A power supply for additional accessories
  • Housing protection rating IP55
  • Operating temperature range -20 to +70 C
  • Rectangular beam dimensions: 100 x 50mm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 1080 x 230 x 390mm
  • Optional extras: Bottom Skirts / Top & Bottom Skirts / Beam LED Lights / Beam Signs / Anti-Vandal Valve 


Purchasing Information:

1. Please select handing of barrier.

2. Select the length of the beam.  NB. Included in the price is the beam bracket.

3. Input the amount of barriers required and 'Add To Basket'.


1. Depending on the model of the barrier, you can have optional extras such as:
       • Beam LED light or light strip.
       • Beam bottom hanging skirts.
       • Beam top and bottom skirts.
       • Beam supports (required for 5m and over barrier beams and skirted beams).


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