Counting Systems

Nortech NorParc PC Based Counting System:

NorParc is a Windows based level counting and parking guidance system that provides centralised count management, monitoring and guidance control for parking facilities that have multiple entry and exit points and/or several individual levels or sections. It can benefit small car parks as well as large, multi-level car parks.  NorParc’s graphical user interface displays important occupancy information and alarm indications against a plan view of the facility.

All entry lanes, exit lanes and access points between levels are monitored by physical counters within NCT200 counter modules, which store the count values locally and makes them available to the NorParc software via a network connection.

NorParc maintains a database of all count values together with user settings. The count information is processed to produce values such as available spaces on individual levels, overall occupancy levels, etc.. This data can then be used to display important summary information on the PC screen as well as on strategically placed signs to enable drivers to be guided to those areas where there are more parking spaces, therefore avoiding delays.

The parking facility administrator is provided with a wealth of useful information including real-time occupancy data, early indications of potential problems and a continuous count log to facilitate the statistical analysis of daily occupancy patterns, space utilisation, etc.

Download NorParc Data Sheet    Download NorParc Brochure


Nortech Norparc Standalone / On-Line Counter Controllers:


The Nortech NCT200 is a four-channel counting system that can be used either as a standalone unit providing up to 4 individual counters or as part of a count management system by linking it to the server PC of the count management system (VenueMaster or NorParc). 

In standalone mode, one or more Variable Message Signs can be associated with each of the counters to provide information of space availability to staff and visitors. Alarm outputs can be associated with each counter to indicate that the count has reached a predetermined value. These can be used to operate Open/Full signs, traffic lights or other devices as necessary. 

As part of a count management system, the NCT200 can be networked to a server via either RS485 or TCP/IP. The outputs from the NCT200 can be controlled directly from the software to support centralised control of signs, alarms, door/barrier control arming, etc.

Download NCT200 Data Sheet


Electronic Message Signs:


The Nortech Variable Message Signs (VMS) are primarily designed to display the number of available car parking spaces.

The Variable Message Sign (VMS) product range is designed to be used in conjunction with Nortech’s NCT200 counter modules to monitor and display count values such as the number of available spaces in a car park. The VMS displays this information to visitors at suitable locations. Its large 4-digit, LED display panel housed in an outdoor enclosure provides clear visibility.

Up to eight VMS’s can be connected on a single RS485 bus to display different count values. The count value that a VMS displays is selected by setting an associated node number on its DIP switches. More than one VMS unit can be set to display the same count value. There is a choice of red or yellow LED colours.

The LED intensity can be set to one of four levels via the NCT200 module to accommodate different ambient lighting conditions.

Download VMS Data Sheet



An SPACE / FULL sign can be used for displaying the availability of spaces. There is also the option of displaying 'OPEN' instead of  'SPACE'.

The SPACE / FULL signs can be used in conjunction with Nortech's NCT200 Counter Module, or can be manually controlled using a switch. When used with a counter, it simply displays 'OPEN' or 'SPACE' until the number of available spaces reaches zero, at which point the sign will change to 'FULL'.

If it is necessary to control a SPACE/FULL sign from software using an NCT200 Counter Module, refer to the versions of the Variable Message Sign.

Download SPACE / FULL Data Sheet