Automatic Pay on Foot Systems

New Parking Solutions Ltd range of car park automatic pay on foot revenue systems have been chosen to suit a wide range of small private car parks and medium to large commercial car parks; such as surface & underground car parks, hospitals, airport parking, train stations, visitor attractions, leisure complexes, super markets, shopping centres and parking management schemes.


FAAC ParQube Pay on Foot System                             


Download Entry Station Datasheet

Download Pay on Foot Station Datasheet

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Download Parking Barrier Datasheet

Simplicity combined with reliability.

The new FAAC ParQube is the advanced FAAC system which provides simplicity for users and installers whilst maintaining the reliability and precision required by parking managers. Innovative and modern in concept, FAAC ParQube is designed to provide stations that are robust, ergonomic and easy to operate by the user.

Structured for inexpensive use and low running costs, the system is based on simple, yet advanced mechanics and highly reliable electronic components.

ParQube has been created focusing on Design and Users’ Experience, to offer a unique and ergonomic design, together with state-of-the-art technological components, such as two-dimensional matrix barcode tickets. In addition, ParQube also offers a high level of versatility and flexible customization possibilities for our customers.


SACS AURA 30 Pay On Foot System                                            


Download Parking Brochure
Download Parking Solutions Brochure

The SACS AURA30 data connected pay on foot revenue parking system can address the widest range of commercial parking requirements, including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and the provision of a parking system management application with extensive reporting capabilities.

The SACS AURA 30 system can be fully tailored and personalised to customer environment, including the voice help messages generated by the system and the information displayed on the entry, exit and cash machines.

Additionally the information printed on the 2D barcoded parking ticket can also be personalised for each customer and more information can be captured and used by the management systems than on the SACS AURA20.

As with the SACS AURA20, the core components of the system include entry and exit machines that define the activity of the automatic barriers, a PC workstation with system software that helps manage and control the overall parking system and the option of a manned payment device or automatic cash machine with chip & pin payment facilities (SACS AURA 30CC).

The SACS AURA 30 has been designed as a modular platform that provides for future expansion via the addition of complementary solutions including internal and external addressing, signposting of available spaces & EHF tag reading etc.


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