Access Control

Nortech PC Based Access Control Systems:

At the heart of the Norpass3 networked access control system is the user-friendly, PC based access control management software , which provides many advanced features as standard and is completely licence-free. It is supported by a family of online door controllers that provides a wealth of options to meet your access control requirements. The door control modules are available with capacities to manage up to 1, 2 or 4 doors, and there is a choice of communication interfaces for connection to the PC. Each door controller can manage up to 65,000 users.

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Nortech On-Line Access Control Controllers:

The CRC220 and CRC221 ranges of reader controllers comprise versatile modular on-line access controllers suitable for controlling access points such as doors and vehicle barriers by validating credentials such as cards, key fobs and vehicle tags. The CRC220 and CRC221 controllers are components of  an online access control system linked to Norpass3 Access Control Management Software via either TCP/IP or RS485.

Supporting a comprehensive range of interface formats, each module can be used to control access through one or two doors/barriers while supporting a wide range of managed access control features. There are several enclosure options available with up to four reader interfaces per enclosure plus an integral power supply unit.

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Nortech Standalone Access Control Controllers: 

We offer a range of standalone access controllers that can manage up to 20,000 users and can be used together with the readers of your choice. For 2-door control, the CRC200 Access Control Unit  is ideal and offers a comprehensive range of access control features including anti-passback, validity time periods and auxiliary control outputs. The CRC100 Access Control Unit is a single door controller with many useful features.

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Nortech Proximity & Smart Card Reader Range:

Nortech’s family of proximity and smart card readers is capable of reading a wide range of 125kHz and 13.56MHz type proximity cards and tokens. They can be used with Nortech’s extensive range of electronic credentials as well as with existing, third party cards and tokens. The reader family includes DualPROX® readers, which are capable of reading two independent card technologies, and LEGIC smart card readers for high standards of security.

The wide choice of supported technologies plus compatibility with most access controllers makes Nortech’s readers an ideal choice for new access control installations, extending existing installations and for supporting the use of existing credentials in new access control applications.






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Long Range Readers:

New Parking Solutions offer a choice of long-range pedestrian and vehicle readers from leading European manufacturers for both vehicle and personnel access control applications.

Nedap uPASS Access is a ground-breaking UHF reader for hands-free building access. It can read access badges at distances of up to 2 metres.  A person wearing a Nedap UHF credential on a lanyard can be automatically identified by the uPASS Access reader without the need to present the card to the reader. uPASS Access is the perfect access control solution for doors that require both convenience and security.

Nedap uPASS Reach reader offers long-range vehicle identification up to 5 metres using the latest UHF technology. Based on battery-free passive UHF, the Nedap uPASS Reach reader offers a cost effective and enduring solution for parking access.

Nedap TRANSIT Ultimate reader is a compact long-range vehicle identification system. It is capable of reading vehicle identification tags at distances of up to 10 metres while vehicles are travelling at speeds of up to 125 mph. The proven microwave frequency technology provides fast and reliable identification.

Nedap Upass Reach (5 Metre Range)             Nepap Upass Target (5 Metre Range)                     Nedap Transit Ultimate (10 Metre Range)


Download Nedap Access Data Sheet (Pedestrian)

Download Nedap uPASS Reach Data Sheet (Vehicle)

Download HyperX™ Data Sheet  (Vehicle)                  Download HyperX™ Brochure

Download Nedap TRANSIT Data Sheet (Vehicle)


Nortech NanoQuest Combined Proximity Card Reader & Door Controller:

The one-piece NanoQuest Compact Door Controller with integral proximity card reader can manage up to 600 users and has a range of access control features including door monitoring, auxiliary output, alarm output and arming input.

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