ELKA Mechanical Automatic Barriers
(Beams 2 to 12 Metres)

New Parking Solutions Ltd range of ELKA automatic barriers have been chosen to suit a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications; such as private entrances, company car parks, industrial areas, parking revenue systems, secure parking systems, parking management schemes and secured areas.

All our ELKA automatic barriers are CE approved and controlled by state of the art surface mount technology microprocessor based control boards, which can be easily programmed to suit any security or revenue system application.

ELKA car park barriers provide you with unlimited access control options such as; proximity cards, long range vehicle identification tags, ANPR, remote controls, keypads, push buttons, ticket terminals, token acceptors and fixed charge coin machines.

ELKA parking barriers can be integrated easily into your existing security & revenue systems if your current equipment is not up to specification.

ELKA is a European manufacturer of high quality electro-mechanical automatic barrier systems located in Northern Germany

The products set standards through innovation and exclusivity with the know how of 30 years of experience.


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