Automatic Barriers

New Parking Solutions Ltd range of robust and reliable automatic barriers have been chosen to suit a wide range of domestic, light commercial, commercial, industrial and sensitive applications such as: domestic & private entrances, company & industrial entrances, secure parking systems, revenue parking systems, access control systems, parking management schemes and high security areas.


ELKA Automatic Barriers (Electro-Mechanical / Beam lengths 2 to 12 Metres)

ELKA is a European manufacturer of high-quality aluminium automatic barrier and automation systems located in Northern Germany - The products set standards through innovation and exclusivity with the know-how of 35 years of experience.

ELKA stands for individual customer service, professional order processing, and adherence to schedules.

"Partner with competence" - this is the philosophy of the management and the employees.

  ELKA ES25-40                           ELKA ES50-80                                                                ELKA KOLOSS60-120


      ELKA Barriers Brochure  


ELKA 24V Automatic Barriers (BLDC-Motor Planetary Multistage Gear / Beam lengths 2 to 9 Metres)


  ELKA PARKING Series                                                  ELKA SECURITY Series                                                       ELKA TOLL Series


      ELKA PARKING Series Brochure                                                                                                                   ELKA TOLL Series Brochure 


FAAC Automatic Barriers (Electro-Hydraulic / Beam lengths 2 to 8 Metres)

FAAC is the undisputed market leader in automatic barrier and automation systems - With approximately 1,400 employees in 5 continents, 16 manufacturing plants in 13 countries, 24 sales offices and a network of 80 countries served by official distributors.

In 1965 FAAC introduced hydraulics in the automation sector and throughout the years have perfected this technology adapting it to a multitude of automation equipment.

Today FAAC automation systems satisfy both intensive and economic use with millions of operations per year around the world.

      FAAC 615 BPR                       FAAC 620                                 FAAC 640                                       FAAC 642                                           FAAC B680H (24v)


     615 Datasheet             620 Datasheet                 640 Datasheet                         640 Datasheet                              B680H Datasheet


MAGNETIC Automatic Barriers (MHTM MicroDrive / Beam lengths 2 to 10 Metres)

Magnetic stands for high-quality vehicle and pedestrian barriers. With their well-thought-out designs, innovative drive technology and extremely long service lives, their products are way ahead of the competition in quality.

Thanks to their experience in control technology, they always focus on user safety – with low forces and sensitive impact detection.

This is probably why systems from Magnetic are particularly often installed wherever safety and dependability matter.

    Magnetic Access Series                                                                                     


      Magnetic Barriers Brochure


PF Automatic Barriers (Electro-Mechanical / Beam lengths 2 to 9 Metres)

Established in 2000, PF Ltd is today one of the UK's leading manufacturers of access control equipment. 

Today PF access control equipment satisfy both intensive and economic use with millions of operations per year around the UK.

   PF6000A Barriers                                            PF6000AHD Heavy Duty Barriers                                                                 


          PF6000A Barrier Brochure                      PF6000AHD Datasheet 


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