New Parking Solutions Ltd range of Cleartone ANPR is created for innovative end-to-end solutions for Law Enforcement, Goverment and Commercial Customers enabling them to meet the challenging and rigorous demands of today. Certified to ISO9001 standards, the company is committed to providing the very best ANPR software and hardware solutions.


Cleartone Gate Keeper ANPR Engine:


Four Lanes of ANPR covering car park entry and exit routes per Gate Keeper system with integrated access control, automatic whitelist and time based barrier control, automatic dwell time and over stay reporting provides total car park facilities protection.

Full details of the vehicle and the associated driver - including optional photo - along with barrier permissions and allowed days and times of entry provide assurance only the permitted users have access to protected facilities.                                            

Gate Keeper Datasheet


Cleartone Raven ANPR Camera:

Built from a solid milled aluminium chassis and using the highest quality components the latest ultra-sensitive CCD technology and powered by the class leading Cleartone High-Speed HD ANPR Engine, the RAVEN cameras provide unparalled ANPR performance both day and night. With Standard, Dual and Multi Lane HD variants available the RAVEN Range can cover the most demanding situations.

Raven Datasheet


ANPR Bollard Camera:


There are many situations where a standard camera is just not suitable, therefore we have developed the floor standing bollard camera for these applications.  When vehicles need to be identified at a vehicle barrier or gate, the camera needs to be at low-level and on the unsecure side of the barrier in order to get a clear view of the license plate.

ANPR Bollard Camera Datasheet


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